Workshops: Session A

Navigating Gender in the Church--Laura J Hunt

You’ve heard Bishop Kendall lay out the biblical case for women in ministry, but you might be wondering how to put it into practice. This workshop will be tailored to you, taking questions and offering help for your specific challenges. You will leave with a list of resources to help you understand how to support and empower women in ministry.


Rev. Dr. Laura J. Hunt has a PhD in New Testament, and has spent 10 years listening to, reading about, and navigating women’s ordination. She serves at New Beginnings Community Church and adjuncts at several academic institutions.


When Helping Hurts--Roger Howell

When you walk past that person begging on the street, what should your response be? This workshop discusses the principles of When Helping Hurts (Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert) and how to alleviate poverty without harm. Practical suggestions will address both individual and church options.


Roger Howell serves as president of City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati, Ohio which includes homeless ministry and is a charter member of the Winton Community Free Methodist Church.


The Sex Trade and Human Trafficking in our local communities, Education and Innovative Ministries--Bonnie Brann

We will address the reality of the sex trade of minors in the U.S. and innovative ministry programs for working to educate local congregations. We will look at the vulnerability of minors in our own neighborhoods and communities. Models for partnering with other nonprofits will be shared.


Bonnie Brann has served as a pastor on staff at Seattle First Free Methodist Church for 30+ years and is the area Set Free Director with a doctoral thesis on combating sex trafficking.


What’s Race Got to Do with It-Recognizing and Taking Steps to Dismantle Systematic Racism in America--Jeff Harrold

American History has been taught from a perspective that either eliminates or marginalizes the history of people of color in general, African American's in particular. Many White Americans, are uninformed of the historic and systematic ways in which racism has be woven into the very fabric of our nation. As such, they are ineffective in their work to dismantle the systemic, structural problem of race in America because they mistakenly believe it is a problem of individuals. This session will give an overview of the history of race in America and the legal structures developed to institutionalize oppression. Participants will learn ways to be effective in dismantling these systems in their churches, communities, and nation.


Jeff Harrold is an ordained Free Methodist Elder and founding pastor of New Beginnings Community Church of Washtenaw County, MI, a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory and certified in social justice mediation.


Salvation Means Creation Healed--Howard Snyder

Dr. Snyder will summarize the points of his book describing the need to restore our broken relationship not only between people and God but also with the earth. Snyder explains Jesus' call to the church to be a healing community through evangelism, discipleship and prophetic mission.


Howard Snyder has served the Free Methodist Church as a missionary, pastor and professor and has offered multiple books including “Wineskins” and “Populist Saints” which tells the story of BT and Ellen Roberts.


Workshops: Session B

How to Reach the Immigrant Community--Alma Jasinski

This workshop will guide participants in reaching out to the immigrants in their community in a way that will help them respond positively. Alma will draw on her vast experience as an immigrant and working with immigrants.


Alma has served as a pastor, church planter, police chaplain and court translator and currently serves as administrator of the North Central Conference of the Free Methodist Church.


Understanding Poverty--Roger Howell

Do you care about the underresourced, but don’t know how to relate? This workshop will utilize the principles of Ruby Payne’s Understanding Poverty as well as an African Centered Response by Jawanza Kunjufu. Participants will engage in measures of their current understanding and gain insights into how to better relate to those of other classes.


Roger Howell serves as president of City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati, Ohio which includes homeless ministry and is a charter member of the Winton Community Free Methodist Church.


Listening and Lament-First Steps toward Racial Reconciliation-- Kristy Hinds and Kathy Callahan-Howell

Attempting to express racial injustice leaves us frustrated at best, while more often we experience feelings of loneliness, isolation, and anger. In this interactive workshop we will practice listening techniques and conversation starters to help open safe and healthy dialogue on race without alienating our listeners. Together, let us discover new ideas that will sharpen our understanding of racial awareness in the context of our faith. You will be able to ask questions concerning racial reconciliation and will receive resources to take home.


Kristy Hinds authored "Redeemed: The Power of a Single Story” and serves as Assistant Superintendent in the Free Methodist Southern California Conference.


Kathy Callahan-Howell serves as founding pastor of the Winton Community Free Methodist Church which is intentionally multi-cultural.


Angry Prophets: Fighting for Justice with Integrity and Grace--Jill Richardson

Angry Prophets: In Jill’s favorite movie series, King Theoden utters the line—“What can (people) do against such reckless hate?” Do you feel that way sometimes as you try to fathom the anger that permeates so much of our public communication today? Do you want to be part of the solution to reckless hate, but sometimes you fall victim to it because loving our enemies is hard, hard work? If God calls you to be a prophetic leader—one who speaks for justice and kindness in an unkind world—he’s also going to equip you to do it with grace and truth. In her interactive presentation, Jill will talk about how to use and recognize valid arguments, what righteous anger is and how to harness it, how Jesus and the prophets handled their emotions when life was too much, and how our Wesleyan heritage informs our ability to speak truth while prioritizing cruciform love.  


Jill is a writer and speaker who currently pastors Resolution Church near Chicago and is working on her doctorate in Leadership in a Changing Church Context.


Jeremiah's Prophecy for a Better Community--Heidi L. Lyda

Using Jeremiah 29 as a guide, Heidi Lyda, Director of LYN House will share how you can be an agent of peace in an urban environment. She will share four simple ideas in how the church can pour itself out so that God's shalom can be experienced more deeply. From her own experience she will share how LYN House works alongside their neighbors to create a more peaceful, just, joyful, beautiful, and loving neighborhood.


Heidi L. Lyda serves as director of LYN (Love Your Neighbor) House in the inner city of Indianapolis where she works with children living in economic poverty through education and the arts.


Creation Care and Environmental Justice--Scott Gibbons

Ever wondered where the deeper concepts of Creation Care and Environmental Justice connect with how you live your everyday life? This workshop will explore how we, as Jesus’ followers, can care for the entirety of God’s creation: earth, plants, animals ...and humans by how we live our everyday lives. This will include practical ideas for everyday living that is conscious of care for creation and environmental justice.

N. Scott Gibbons is an Ordained FM Elder working at a discount market that seeks to establish access to affordable grocery in food deserts as well as doing urban ministry at multiple Indianapolis Public schools.


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