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Micro-Church Gatherings

West Morris Church gathered once a month in micro-churches in and around Indianapolis and online. Meeting in multiple "sent out" groups in neighborhoods around Indianapolis, we took seriously Jesus' command to "Go and make disciples" and believe that happens best in relationships with those where we live, work, play and learn. 

You can learn more about micro-churches, download worship guides and children's lessons to use for your own gatherings, and participate in some micro-church training sessions on this page. Is God calling you to reach out to your neighbors and invite them over for dinner and conversation? 


Want to know more about missional micro-churches?

West Morris Church is meeting once a month - not as one large gathered group - but as multiple "sent-out" groups around Indianapolis and online.

Micro-churches may  meet in front yards, on back porches, in parks, around kitchen tables, in living rooms or online. While these missional gatherings may be a new experience of being the Church for you - it's actually something very old!

The New Testament Church we read about in Acts and throughout the Epistles met together in missional communities - gathering households of moms, dads, kids, servants, extended family and neighbors. Each participant actively engaged in the gathering - practicing the 50+ one-anothers we are commanded to do in Scripture. 

The Church is the body of Christ. And the body of Christ is made up of priests - everyday people who are gifted and called to be part of Jesus' royal priesthood. Our God-given gifts are designed and intended to be used to serve and build up the body of Christ. Church worship services were never intended to be an event one attended or watched - but a gathering time where everyone engaged with one another - teaching, praying, sharing, encouraging, loving, serving and building up one another.

Is God calling you to lead his Church in this way? Email Pastor Kristen as she would love to meet with you to encourage, pray and equip you to start a micro-church. How might you respond to God's invitation to set out a few chairs, invite over some friends or neighbors, and see what God will do! 


Worship Guides for Micro-Church Gatherings

Worship Guides

Responding to God's "New Work"

Missional Training

Missional Leadership Training

Wanting to lead a group, but feeling under-prepared? Participate in these "Missional Leadership Classes" and learn how to lead Christ-centered missional gatherings!


  • Week 3: Church in the 1st & 21st Centuries: Discovering ancient, simple Church (Acts 2:42-27)

    • Download Week 3 Slides

    • Read "Going to Church in the First Century"

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