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Looking for opportunities to GROW deeper in your faith?

  • LEARN more about micro-churches here to explore options for church planting - right where you live, work and play!

  • GROW by serving. Learn more below and sign up today!

GROW through the WORD

When 250,000 Christians from over 1000 different churches were asked about how they GROW in their faith with God - what do you think they said? What did thousands of different Christians - from all walks of life, all different ages and all different backgrounds - report? One answer emerged overwhelmingly. The greatest impact on spiritual GROWTH?

Engaging with Scripture.

Scripture encourages, comforts, challenges, enlightens and expands our perspectives and knowledge — but it does even more.

Scripture forms us and reshapes our identity through revelation and calling. As we meditate on, discuss, wrestle with, ponder, dwell in and apply Scripture, it changes us. It matures us. It transforms us. It GROWS us.
So this year at West Morris Church we are intentionally engaging Scripture. As adults, youth, and children. Each week. Together. As individuals and as a community.
Each week, we will explore the same passages and dig-in deep with reflection and application questions. On Sunday, the sermon will be preached on the Scripture. On Monday-Saturday, we will engage Scripture and invite the Spirit to guide and teach us. Together.

And because we are so committed to GROWING together, we are providing you tools - a Bible and a Scripture Reflection Journal (with an adult and kids version). If you're part of West Morris, you'll receive these tools in January 2021. If you'd like to engage these tools online, you can also download the resources here:

Scripture Engagement Guide (list of all questions 
used in Scripture Reflection Journals)
Adult version
Kids version

2021 Scripture Reading Guide:
Adult & Kids Guide

**By Popular Demand:
Adult coloring pages to add to your journals!

Scripture Journal Pages:
Adult Journal Pages: FebruaryMarch, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
Kids Journal Pages: FebruaryMarch, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December

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At West Morris Church, we know growth happens when we serve others. No matter your passion, there are many ways you can serve in both long-term and short-term ways!

Coffee Shop - West Morris Church is working on developing a community coffee shop for West Indy. We need workers to work on the space, artists who want to display their art, and eventually, managers/baristas to serve!.

Clothing Closet - sort, stock and help others shop at our free clothing closet.


Little Free Pantry - stock our Little Free Pantry that is available 24/7 to our community on the corner of West Morris and Tremont Streets in Indianapolis. Want to give more than fits in the pantry? Call or email the office to make arrangements!

Other - how else might you serve? Let us know you're interested - we'd love to chat about your ideas!

Want to learn more or sign-up? Fill out this simple form and a pastor will be in touch shortly!

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