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January 3 - The Ten Lords-a-Leaping are the Ten Commandments

Read Exodus 20:1-17 in which God gives his people the Ten Commandments

When God told the people of Israel that he would be their God, and he asked them to be his people, he began teaching them how to best follow him. He taught them important values and told them how to worship him. He also gave them rules that were designed to help his people live in the best way possible. God didn’t make rules because he was mean or didn’t want them to have fun. He gave them rules because he wanted them to live their best lives. We often call these rules the Ten Commandments.

Do you have rules in your family? Are any of them similar to the Ten Commandments? Which of the Ten Commandments are the easiest to follow? Which ones are the hardest? Think about what our world would be like if everyone followed these ten rules. What would change? What problems would go away? What great things might happen?

Jesus promises that he will help us follow the rules if we ask him. In fact, he says we can’t completely follow the rules all by ourselves. We need his help. Have you asked Jesus for help in following these rules? Don’t feel badly asking him for help - it doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Jesus wants us to ask him for help!

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