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January 4 - The Eleven Pipers Piping are the 11 Faithful Disciples

Read Matthew 4:18-22 about Jesus calling his first disciples

Are you someone who likes to do things by themselves, or with others? Even though Jesus was God and could have done anything and everything all by himself, he chose to work with others. He invited twelve men to be his special students. They lived with him for three years. Wherever Jesus went, his disciples went. Where he slept, they slept. Where he ate, they ate. When he taught, they listened. When he did miracles, they watched - and were amazed! Eventually Jesus sent them out to continue his great work. In fact, the church exists today because these disciples did their job so well!

(You may wonder what happened to the twelfth disciple since today only mentions eleven disciples. Judas was one of Jesus’ disciples but he chose not to follow Jesus and betrayed him.)

Jesus continues to invite all of us to be his special students. He invites us to become his disciples. Even though Jesus no longer walks, sleeps, eats and teaches on earth, we can still follow him as his disciples. We can learn about his teaching and miracles from the Bible. We are still being sent out to continue his great work. Have you said yes to his invitation? What is he teaching you right now? Where is he sending you to continue his great work?

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