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December 25 - A Partridge in a Pear Tree is Jesus Christ

Read Luke 2:1-20 about Jesus’ birth

Merry Christmas! Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus. He was the son of Mary, the step-son of Joseph, and miraculously born of the Holy Spirit. Jesus was fully a baby just like any of us. He cried, was hungry, didn’t sleep through the night at first, had to learn to sit, crawl, walk and talk, and was probably even a naughty and mischievous two-year-old!

But Jesus was more than just a “regular” little boy. He was also God who had come to earth to live with his people. One of the names we call Jesus is “Immanuel” which means “God with us”. When times are difficult and life is hard, it is good to remember that God is always with us. He promises to never leave us. How have you noticed that God is with you throughout this year? How do you need him to be with you in the coming year?

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