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December 27 - The Three French Hens are The Trinity: The Father, Son & Holy Spirit

Read Matthew 3:13-17 about Jesus’ baptism where you can see all 3 parts of the Trinity

Have you ever seen a three-leaf clover? Do you know the three ways water can exist? These are some of the ways people have tried to explain the idea of the Trinity. We believe in only one God. But he has 3 parts - the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each part has a different personality and way of being in our world. When you read the Bible, you might notice that sometimes it talks about God or Lord. Other times it talks about the Holy Spirit. And other times it talks about Jesus. All of these are about the same God. In our reading today, all three parts of the Trinity are shown working together.

God is mighty and majestic. He is the Creator of all. He is all-powerful. How have you experienced God in this way? Jesus is God with us. He became human and lived among us. He suffered, was ridiculed, and was tempted. He understands the pain and difficulty of life - because he too lived it. When you feel lost and like no one understands, you can count on Jesus understanding. The Holy Spirit is our instructor. He guides us and lives within us when we invite him into our hearts and lives. The Bible says that when we don’t know how to pray, the Holy Spirit interprets our groaning and he prays for us.

It can be confusing to understand how one God can have three different parts. But we don’t have to fully understand these details to know and experience something very simple. God loves us - completely and fully.

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