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December 28 - The Four Collie Birds are The Four Gospels/Gospel Writers

Read John 20:30-31 about the purpose of John’s Gospel

Four different writers wrote about Jesus’ life and ministry. Their names are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Each writer had a different personality and a different view on Jesus’ purpose. Sometimes their stories sound very similar to each other. Sometimes they are unique and different from each other. When you notice the same story being told by three or four of the authors, it’s a good idea to pay special attention to those stories!

What is your favorite story about Jesus? Was it one of his healings? Or one of his miracles? Or maybe it was an interaction he had with a certain person? Jesus had a way of hanging out with people that everyone else had rejected. Who do you think he would spend time with if he lived today? Share your favorite “Jesus moments” from the Gospels with each other.

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