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December 30 - The Six Geese a-laying are the 6 Days of Creation

Read Genesis 1:1-2:3 and Matthew 2:1-11

At Christmas, we read about the Wise Men who followed a large star they saw in the sky. When they arrived in Jerusalem, they were directed to the place where they could find Jesus. Have you ever wondered about that star? What must it have looked like?

The stars are just one thing in this amazing world that God created. We read about God’s creation in the opening pages of the Bible. What is your favorite day of creation? What created thing would you like to see that you haven’t yet? What is the craziest thing that you think God created?

Today is a great day to get outside and enjoy some of God’s creation. Look in your front or back yard. Take a walk in your neighborhood. Go to a park. Go hiking somewhere. Can you find something that was created on each day of creation? Take pictures of your favorite things you discover. You might even take some silly family pictures while you’re outside.

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