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Eager Swimmers

Every morning John treks out to the chicken and duck coops to open first the chicken coop door, and then the duck coop door, letting them out for the day.

The chickens are usually slow to come out, especially when the weather is cold or snowy. When the door is opened, one brave chicken slowly peeks out to check the conditions, with the others holding back and waiting for a report. Anything less than sunshine and temps in the mid- to upper-40s, the chickens usually decide going back to bed sounds like a better option.

Not so with the ducks. John has to jump out of the way as he opens their door. They are crowded around the door like Black Friday shoppers trying to nab hot deals. Their desired destination? Their swimming pond. This might seem reasonable on hot mornings, when a cool dip in a pond would be a great way to start a day. But rain or shine, hot or cold, the ducks can't wait to jump in and swim. They splash and play, swim and soak. If ducks could laugh and smile, they surely do it in their pond.

Lately, freezing temps have meant their pond is frozen over in the morning, which involves them frustratingly and impatiently waiting for John to break up the ice. But as soon as it's broken, the ducks jump in, acting like they've been separated from their beloved pond for decades, not hours. Just this morning, the pond wasn't frozen over as much as it was a slushy, semi-solid body of water. Apparently that makes great swimming conditions too.

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Everyday we laugh at the escapades and delight these ducks take in swimming. And today it struck me that I want to eagerly seek out time with Jesus in the same way these ducks long to swim in their pond. That it's the first thing on my mind in the morning, crowding out everything else. That regardless of circumstances and situations, my desire to soak in and swim in the love of Jesus prevails. That time away feels like decades, not hours. That my delight in him is one which compels me to "Come" and might even cause others to notice.

As I watch the ducks even now, I'm also reminded that God also takes great delight when we spend time with him, when we turn our hearts toward him, and when we receive his gifts of love and grace.

May the Lord who created these ducks with their eagerness to swim in their pond, also create in us an eagerness to swim in his love. Today, and each day. Rain or shine. Hot or cold. Icy conditions or not. Might the words of Psalm 63 be true of us.

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