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Twelve Days of Christmas

Welcome to the Twelve Days of Christmas! Even though you may think Christmas ends on December 25 at midnight, there are actually TWELVE days that have traditionally been set aside to celebrate Christmas. After all - Jesus being born is important enough for a holiday that lasts longer than 24 hours!

Over the next twelve days, we will be publishing a short devotional each day to help celebrate Christmas. Each devotional features a short Bible reading and some discussion questions. The devotional follows the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas” song that you may have sung, and sung, and sung at Christmas time! (Or maybe your children have?!)

West Morris wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas. As you come together as a family - whatever that family might look like - know that you are welcome and encouraged to join us at West Morris Church! We are serious about following Jesus - and serious about having fun as we do so! We’d love to welcome you as well!

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